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Pura Vida CBD - CBD Honey

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Pure and raw honey is hard to find these days, you have to travel far into the hills and mountains of Croatia.

Honey can be considered one of humanity's first medicines. This health elixir made with the effort of bees combined with nature will never spoil, has countless positive health properties such as being anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory now has been infused with CBD to give it an extra beneficial property.

Our liquid gold like we also call CBD Honey is sourced from different parts of the world (depending on the season) that can be as varied as:

  • Meadow golden honey from flowers growing on untouched hills in Croatia.
  • Walnut Blossom golden honey from walnut trees in bloom, this gives the honey a lovely taste and texture.
  • Acacia honey from African Acacia trees is almost see-through, although it is the most popular and widely used honey variety.
  • Citrus Blossom honey comes from bees pollinating citric trees and has a delicate floral flavor.
  • Linden honey, which comes from the blossoms of the Linden tree, this golden brown honey is available during the blooming period of these trees that are so popular among bees that they fly for miles to get to the flowers of the "bee tree" as some people call it.

CBD Honey will not give you any psychoactive secondary effects, so there is no need to worry about getting a "buzz". Raw CBD honey also contains traces of pollen, propolis and beeswax.

Raw honey will be beneficial for allergies, diabetes, sleep problems, coughs and wound healing, but if it is left out in the cold in temperatures of under 10°C will crystallize and begin to solidify. 

Don't worry about this completely normal process, all you have to do is dip the bottle of honey in boiling water until the crystals become liquid, or you can leave the jar on a heater in your home or office and it will liquify in no time.

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