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Landracer CBD oil Premium 10% 10ml

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Dietary Supplement - Landracer Premium 10%

Landracer CBD oil: One of the best quality CBD oils available

Landracer is one of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. The company is known for quality and knowledge of the products, raw materials and the results of their products. They only work with pure and natural industrial hemp in our products. Their CBD products do not contain any unwanted material, and are free from harsh chemicals.The Landracer CBD oils are available in various variations and concentrations. The 10% CBD oil is one of the strongest and purest cbd oils out there after our CBD oil 25%, which makes the CBD oil 10% perfect to go one step higher in dosage.

In addition to the properties of cannabidiol (CBD), terpenes can also be found in our products. The terpenes are plant-own and completely natural.

Place the drops under the tongue and wait a few seconds with swallowing. You can decide for yourself when you take the drops but we reccomend in the mornings and evenings. We advise to take it three times a day, 3 to 6 drops at a time.


  • CBD  ca. 1000mg
  • THC <0,03
  • Hemp seed oil

Content and storage:
The Landracer oil contains 10ml per bottle, which is good for ± 200 drops. We advise you to keep the bottle cool, dry and dark. The expiry date is stated on the packaging. You can keep the oil in the fridge for a long time, so we recommend this. Shake well before use.

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