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KANEH-B – Pain relief 300mg CBD cream (30ml)

59,99 €
KANEH-B – Pain relief 300mg CBD cream (30ml)

There aren’t many things that can ruin your day like a serious headache. Once it starts, you become impatient to your surroundings, find it difficult to function and just wait for it to go away. Surprisingly, headaches are not actually caused by pain in your brain, but because the brain tells you that other parts of your body hurt, but you can’t feel their pain. Most headaches begin in the nerves, blood vessels and muscles around your head and neck.

B-ALIVE may expand these blood vessels naturally, which could help you get rid of your headache in no time.

Herbal extracts:

Withania, Arnica, Ginkgo Biloba, Feverfew

Dominate Terpenes In Spectrum:

Linalool, Linalyl acetate, Ocimene

CBD: 300MG

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