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Hemp Hero - CBD Softgel Capsules 25mg (30pcs)

64,99 €

Award winning Hemp Hero - CBD Softgel capsules. 25mg CBD per capsule.
2nd price Best CBD product - Jack Herer Cup 2019

CBD oil caught in Softgels, HIGH DOSAGE 25 MG PER CAPSULE! 
Made from 100% medicated hemp, grown under government supervision in Colorado, United States.

Hemp Hero gel capsules and are completely vegan. They are filled with CBD oil from hemp plants, these contain a high CBD content.
When using will you experience  natural and soothing effect by CBD oil. 
Also, you will notice that your concentration will be better and that you are in better balance, for example, in a stressful situation. 

In the CBD capsules 5% you will find 5% CBD oil and that is equal to 25 mg CBD oil per capsule. There are twelve drops CBD oil in one capsule. 
This is ideal for people who need a higher dosage of CBD.
The capsules are rich in healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, thanks to the addition of the organic hemp oil. The capsules are safe to use and because there is no THC in it you are not stoned or high. As a result, you can use the capsules also without problems for a longer period of time.

The capsules are tasteless and this is because of the softgel capsule with nanotechnology which ensures that the absorption 3-5 x goes so effectively than with ordinary oil. 

With advanced technology that beats the current Gelcaps standard of 30% absorption rate with a whopping 85% absorption rate, it was no surprise that the judges found the Hemp Hero Nano-Capsules worthy of earning the 2nd Place Jack Herer Cup in May 2019.

Content: 30 capsules 
Dosage: 1-2 capsule a day is enough. 
Storage: store at room temperature, dry and dark, not chilled (not in the refrigerator). 

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