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Cibiday - CBD Oil Quality Line 4.5%

80% of 100

 CBD Oil Quality Line is an oil with an average content of 4.5% cannabidiol. 

 CBD Oil Quality Line is an oil with an average content of 4.5% cannabidiol. 

Precise checks and quality control is carried out throughout the entire cultivation and production process, from sowing the hemp to the filling of the pipette bottles, to meet the high demands of a quality product.

For the CBD oil drops, officially recognized hemp varieties such as KC Dora and Santhica 70 and the varieties Futura 75 and Finola are used. All species are rich in cannabidiol while they contain extremely low levels of psychoactive THC.

 Thanks to the minimal amounts of CBD, a mind-expanding effect is completely void, the user will not experience a stoned or high effect and can continue to perform work without problems. Any traces of THC that may be left within the oil will not cause any consciousness-altering effects whatsoever. This is thanks to the effect of the cannabinoid CBD, which is able to weaken the strength of the psychoactive cannabinoid. This makes this oil very effective and extremely suitable for administration in small children, older people or possibly animals.

The effectivity is entirely dependent on the presence and mutual relationships (ratios) of components, of the person and of the situation or the severity of the situation. When a certain product does not give the desired result, it may also be advisable to try a different composition.

 We advise you to test multiple products until the ideal result is achieved.

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