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Cibdol – Soridol Psoriasis 100mg CBD cream (50ml)

Cibdol – Soridol Psoriasis 100mg CBD cream (50ml)

Cibdol's soridol cream supports CBD in the body, leading to regulated cell growth. Soridol is a category I medical device designed specifically to alleviate psoriasis-related discomfort and pain. The active ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which helps the skin to soothe and relax stressed areas with a layer of polysaccharides.

Soridol: Rehydrating dry and itchy skin suffering from psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that is caused by a variety of issues. For physical symptoms such as red, itchy and dry skin, inflammation is usually the cause. Patients suffering from Psoriasis can have traumatic physical and psychological effects, which is why it is important to pin down its origins.

There are many instigators of Psoriasis, including genetic predisposition. Liver and kidney infections and diseases may cause a psoriatic reaction. Also psoriasis was associated with physical and psychological stressors. However, scientists are still struggling to come to terms with the differences between their causes and symptoms.

Natural proliferation

The unique liposomal formulation, strengthened by high-CBD hemp extracts, allows ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin where they are most required.

The careful combination of ingredients of the formula calms the itch and keeps the skin hydrated, healthy and filled with vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for full-s[ectrum health. This strengthens the functional and defense systems of the body, restoring the inflammatory pathways that cause psoriasis symptoms.

The secret to success: liposomes

Skin is harder to rejuvenate in the case of psoriasis since its many layers are excessively dry and flaky. Soridol's formula contains liposomes— small vesicles that transfer active ingredients directly to cells, into the areas that need them most. It allows psoriasis sufferers to receive heightened benefits than they would with some other skin products.

Cibdol: high-quality innovation

At Cibdol, we do things other CBD manufacturers don’t. Our years of experience manufacturing high-quality CBD products have put us ahead of the pack in developing proprietary procedures to create the most naturally potent and effective CBD supplements. Using 100% organic raw materials and clean cannabinoid extraction methods, we are constantly looking to better our business and discover new ways to channel the power of CBD.

Saftey and precautions

Those allergic to any of the product ingredients (see ingredients section for detailed information), especially those allergic to grasses (Poaceae) should avoid the use of Soridol. Gluten and/or soy intolerant individuals should consult their personal healthcare provider prior to use. Oatmeal contains gluten, and lecithin is made from soy.

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