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Cibdol - Meladol melatonin CBD

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Cibdol - Meladol melatonin CBD

Meladol from Cibdol initiates a healthy sleep cycle with the help of the hormone melatonin and CBD. Cibdol’s unique liposomal liquid formula allows active ingredient CBD to penetrate deep into tissues to promote a more structured and restful sleep. Unlike pharmaceutical sleep aids, Meladol utilizes natural ingredients to limit symptoms of stress and blue light-related sleep deprivation.

A powerful liposomal formula to encourage a longer, more restful night’s sleep

It is no myth that humans need a good nights sleep everyday for a well-balanced lifestyle. While sleep has been studied for a long period of time, there are many factors that have influence on our sleep patterns, making issues such as sleep deprivation a common problem. 

Meladol, a new supplement by Cibdol is used for creating a healthy sleep cycle for the consumer and promoting brain activity. Meladol is a safe way to encourage a better night of sleep, using the active ingredient CBD and the natural hormone melatonin.

What is melatonin?

Melatonin is naturally produced by the human body in the pineal gland. The sleep/wake cycle is influenced by the circadian rhythm, and this determines the amount of melatonin the body releases. Usually, Melatonin levels increase throughout the late afternoon and decrease in the morning. This allows for a healthy and habitual sleep schedule.

However, one of the common disturbances with melatonin production is the blue light being produced by our electroninc screens, which we are using at night time as well as day time, making it difficult to achieve a restful sleep. 

CBD and stress

Stress related nerve excitation is major cause of sleep deprivation for many people. These can make it hard to achieve relaxed state of mind and bodyon request.

CBD has demonstrated that it induces sedative effects that contribute to calming physical and psychological stress. While CBD doesn’t always induce sleep on its own, it contributes to a more consistent sleep pattern that will give the consumer a more peaceful rest. 

What is Meladol?

Meladol is an oral supplement contained in convenient dropper bottle form. The product is a liposomal liquid, allowing for ease of use and maximum CBD and melatonin concentration for the consumer.

*Not detectable by HPLC-UV analytical method (detection limit 10 ppm) on semi-finished product. In Cibdol CBD oils <0.05%.

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