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What types and products of CBD Oil are there?

CBD Products and their Benefits

At CBD Oil shop we offer a wide range of CBD products aside from the CBD oils we sell. Because we strongly believe in the benefits of CBD we want to make the use of it available to everyone (including your kids and pets) To use the raw CBD Oil can be an obstacle because of the flavor which people describe as grassy. Other people like to smoke, or vape the oil while serving CBD Oil to your kids or pets will be best if served as an edible such as candies or pet food.

There are many types of CBD oil available in the market, although the biggest difference between each is the speed at which the doses are absorbed into the bloodstream. In most cases, the CBD would be smoked with applications such as CBD Crystals, or CBD Dabs and in extreme cases, you could even find CBD pure flower.

Other ways of consuming CBD oil are oral and sublingual, and this is where the oils and tinctures shine. There are several kinds of hemp CBD oils available; there are those mixed with hempseed oil, olive oil and other oils that have the function of protecting the CBD tincture on its way down the digestive tract. If it were not for these oils, the cannabidiol would be digested by the acids in the stomach and would have no effect at all.

Last but not least, there are the topical applications of hemp CBD oil that can aid with skin conditions ranging from nicks, cuts, and burns all the way to deep muscle pains that can be treated by adding hemp root extract into the mix. Although the results vary according to the ailment that is being treated, although there are very good results from the use of hemp root extract and CBD oil. 

When it comes to hemp CBD oil, you want to get a weed oil that hasn't travelled long distances from farm to shelf. The longer the distance, the more deterioration the cannabinoids will endure and will result in a weaker product.

CBD Oil, Concentration, And Percentage

The CBD cannabis oil usually comes in concentrations starting from 2.5% all the way up to 30% in drops and higher in other presentations like the dabs or concentrates. It is also possible to use these other CBD extracts to make your own hemp CBD oil by adding one part of concentrate with three parts oil to reduce the concentration. So when you buy CBD oil you also have to consider the concentration and percentage of the CBD oil.

Extracts and tinctures made from cannabidiol oil are very effective for deep muscle pains such as backaches, knee or joint pains and other chronic pains derived from degenerative ailments but are just as effective for topical skin conditions like acne, eczema and other injuries like nicks, cuts or rashes. 

Depending on the strength or quality of the CBD oil brands, they may be produced from hemp or medical grade marijuana. CBD oil made from hemp is a bit weaker and may be easier to find in places where legislation does not allow to plant commercial hemp(or marijuana). In places where there is a higher availability of medical grade cannabis, there have even been producers making hash oil based on plants with minimum contents. 

The medical marijuana market has also extended to seeds and more and more people are planting their own marijuana plants with under 0.2% and over 14% CBD to make higher quality tinctures and extracts and be able to provide better quality CBD cannabis oils.

When choosing a hemp CBD oil, it is also important to note that the higher concentration of Cannabidiol implies that there is a lower percentage of other beneficial compounds in the hemp CBD oil such as terpenes and terpenoids. High-quality CBD hemp oil retailers should make available for the consumer all the results of testing that breaks down the compounds and the percentages in the hemp CBD oils that they sell.

Thanks to this, the end consumer should get an idea of how pure or concentrated the hemp CBD oil is, as well as the trace compounds and elements that are in it. This is the only way to make sure that you have the best CBD hemp oil possible and it will have all the beneficial properties that you seek.

Contents Of CBD Oil

When looking at the different components found in cannabis oil, you will notice that not only is there CBD, but you can also find sub-compounds of each which have their own effects. The most common of these are:

From CBD:

  1. CBD-A
  2. CBC
  3. CBG
  4. CBN

From THC:

  1. THC-A
  2. THC-V

Each one of these sub-molecules adds different therapeutic effects to the Marijuana oil that may be required, although this will mean that the hemp oil will require some amounts of oil. There are places that have cbd oil for sale along with oil or hash oil but these cannabis oils are currently illegal in Europe. Don't understand the terms used here? Take a look at our Frequently Used Cannabis Acronyms FAQ page.

Different ways to consume CBD Oil

Traditionally, cannabis has presented most of its beneficial effects through smoking, although there are certain ailments in which the patient should consume cannabidiol but cannot smoke. For these patients, there are numerous options on how they can use pure CBD oil ranging from sublingual tinctures and concentrates to pills and capsules as well as topical applications.

Non smoked applications of cannabidiol:

Naturally there is also cbd oil vape and CBD rich flowers for those who seek a more traditional approach to consuming hemp oil. There are also CBD crystals with over 98.9% of purity that can be smoked or dabbed and there are also more particularly dabs where the patient can smoke tiny amounts of pure CBD at high temperatures providing a rich therapeutic effect.

Smoked applications of cannabidiol:

More recently there is also CBD edibles, for example, Gummy Bears, available on the market as an innovation that caters to the younger patients that use CBD but are nowhere near to smoking. Another new application comes in the form of eye drops, previously unexpected but the bloodshot eyes that have come to be a staple of cannabis consumers also have therapeutic effects.

Innovative therapeutical uses of CBD oil:

  • Gummy Bears
  • Eye Drops

It is important to note that CBD products come in different concentrations and it is necessary to consult a physician about cannabinoid oil and its interactions with existing treatments.

CBD Oil And Pets

Because the effect of Cannabidiol oil is different in smaller animals than in humans, we recommend you consult a holistic veterinarian for an exact dosage for your dog or cat, however we recommend that you begin with 4-6 a day (usually begin in the evening and depending on how your dog or cat feels and reacts to cannabidiol tincture or  you can administer dosages during the day) and from there work the dosage up to perhaps 6-8 drops.

There are many different concentrations of CBD hemp oil available, so the dosage will not always be the same, it is also important to know that the size of the dog or cat is important to take into consideration, the smaller the animal, the lower the dosage of hemp CBD oil.

CBD Oil for your Best Friend

When it comes to dosages of cannabidiol oil, the higher the concentration, the lower the dosage should be. This means that if you have cbd hemp oil drops with a high percentage, you will have to take less drops than if you had the cannabis oil with a lower percentage.

As with other advice on health supplements, your holistic veterinarian should determine the dosage of CBD extract if you want to use hemp cbd oil to substitute other treatments.