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CBD Edibles

If smoking is not your preferred way of consuming hemp CBD oil and you do not like the flavor of CBD drops at all, don't worry we have you covered with the line of edibles available in CBD Oil Shop. With everything ranging from cookies to gummy bears, we have specially selected a particular option of products we consider the best from some of the most outstanding producers of CBD infused edibles.

CBD Edibles from sweet hemp CBD extract

More CBD Edibles are coming to the market. Recently there is also CBD Gummy Bears available on the market as an innovation that caters to the younger patients that use CBD but are nowhere near to smoking.

Whether you prefer sweet or savory, the CBD infused edibles at CBD Oil shop have the best concentration/ dosage values for your money as well as the highest standards of production and quality you could expect from European CBD and an attractive natural flavor without any added conservatives or taste enhancers, every product we sell is certified Organic and friendly for vegetarians, vegans and any religion. 

Although CBD candies are made with hearty amounts of healthy hemp cannabidiol oil, they also have sugar which helps to mask the bitter taste so they may be harmful to your teeth or may have negative side effects with patients that suffer from diabetes.

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  1. SupMedi Chewable CBD Tablets
    As low as €37.55
  2. CannabiGold CBD Capsules
    As low as €9.90
  3. Pura Vida - CBD Infused Tea
    As low as €13.95
  4. Pura Vida CBD - CBD Honey
    As low as €23.00
  5. Cibiday - CBD Candy Honey
  6. Rating:
    Cibiday - CBD Lollipop
  7. Rating:
    Pura Vida - Hemp Super Food - Oil
    As low as €12.99
  8. Pura Vida - Hemp Super Food Flour
    As low as €3.93
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