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Where to buy CBD Hemp Oil?

What is CBD oil?

Although we now know that CBD is one of the molecules found in the active compound of Cannabis, Δ-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol as it is known by scientists contains both THC and CBD molecules that work together to bring about the psychoactive effect (THC) then neutralize it and bring the onset of physical effects such as appetite or couch-lock (CBD).  

The Endocannabinoid System

After the discovery of the endocannabinoid system back in 1988, scientists also discovered that a large amount of ailments could be treated or aided thanks to the endocannabinoid system achieving balance in the human body. Symptoms like epileptic attacks or deep and degenerative muscle pain could now be dealt with in a safer and healthier way thanks to CBD oil.


CBD Oil - The multifunctional health supplement

CBD Oil has proven to positively contribute the regulatory system of the body

Buy CBD Oil online. Since the upcoming of CBD oil there are as many online shops as there are questions about the use of CBD Oil. It is easy to claim that you have the best quality CBD oil at the best price, but how much of this is true... There are many resellers who have to ask higher prices for lower quality oil to make their shops profitable. At CBD Oil shop we know the importance of selling the oil as fresh as possible which ensures that it has the highest quality possible. In our quality checking process, we find that high percentages of the cannabinoids CBN, CBL or CBE is a good indication of the freshness.

Next to this, most of online retailers are based in the States. And they all get their CBD oil from Europe. So double quality assurances, shipping time and therefore more overhead costs will result in a lesser price/quality ratio. We are based in Europe, and have a direct line from the very plantation where the CBD oil is extracted from the freshly cut cannabis plants.

What differentiates CBD Oil shop from other retailers is that we actually contributed to the process of breeding high CBD strains to make these plantations possible all over Europe. Therefore we have a very good relationship with our source of CBD oil and we will run the extra mile to keep improving our products while maintaining affordable prices.


It is very frequent to find people searching all over the Internet for CBD oil for sale and where to buy it. Although the sale of hemp CBD oil is limited in the United States to locations where cannabis is legal for medicinal or recreational purposes, in Europe there are a few quality suppliers of cannabidiol oil, including our outlet of course.

The major difference in retail outlets across the continents is based on prior legislation made by the United States that outlaws all growth of commercial hemp in the country. Thanks to this issue, the manufacturers of American CBD products have to get their hemp CBD oil imported from European growers, despite the huge cannabis boom that legalization has brought.

CBD oil is legal to consume without a prescription in a few countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan and the UK. Within these countries, there are ample networks of distributors and it is possible to find in pharmacies or health stores over the counter without the need for a medical prescription and in different presentations that do not have over .05% oil for sale in Europe. In America meanwhile, states that have legalized marijuana consumption do not have this limitation.

What CBD Oil Should I buy?

It is also possible to buy CBD oil online, although it is recommendable to investigate further into the effects of hemp oil CBD and other kinds of CBD tinctures. Due to federal legislation in the United States, it is not possible to produce Hemp oil, CBD oil or marijuana oil and it is therefore imported from Europe or China, then processed according to FDA regulation to then be able to sell. There are companies that test the CBD hemp oil extracts up to three times before bottling and then again before being sold to the consumer. 

When it comes to buy hemp CBD oil, you want to get a weed oil that did not travel long distances between where it was produced and extracted, such as ours and where it is bottled so that there is a lower chance of deterioration or contamination to the pure CBD oil. While it is commendable that CBD oil brands are so interested in constantly testing their products, this constant action of movement and testing can lead to accelerated degradation and in worst case scenarios, contamination of the oil due to the strain of constantly testing cannabidiol oil in different locations. 

Where to get CBD oil in the United States

In this particular instance, it is easier and more recommendable to get cannabis flower from the United States than Hemp CBD oil for sale due to the fact that they have to import the raw oil from Europe and test it up to three times, although claims are made that the testing is required to ensure quality, there is also a larger risk of contamination of the end product because of the large amount of manipulation from different entities other than the producer.

There are brands that assure that their product is tested once after its produced, once before it is shipped, once it arrives the United States and then finally before it is sold to the general public claiming that it is the best CBD oil. This total of four tests are made redundant and risky by the fact it is handled and tested by different entities on both sides, while the best CBD oil is produced and sold in Europe, it is tested once after being produced and immediately bottled to conserve all of its health properties intact and avoid contamination.

Buy CBD Oil - Buy CBD Oil Online or in the shop?

We consider that the best CBD oil that you can buy is a balance between cost and value. If you are looking to buy CBD oil online you should make sure that it is not excessively priced, more expensive isn't always better when it comes to cannabis oil for sale. The price will vary according to the concentration of the CBD hemp oil for sale, but this is relative since it will depend on how much of the best CBD oil you need and what concentration.

While it is not easy to assure the contamination or lack thereof of a hemp CBD oil product, it is better to avoid the uncertainty. We suggest that the educated consumer pays attention to the details of where the Hemp CBD oil for sale comes from and how many times it has been tested since as we have aforementioned, more test don't always mean a better product.

Hemp CBD Oil In Europe Vs The United States

CBD hemp oil, like any other health supplement, has an effect that varies depending on the person, so the same applies to the interaction of CBD with other medicines. As we have emphasized, cannabidiol oil is not a medicine, although it may have some adverse effects when used with other medicines.

As the producers of our CBD oil state: 

"Interactions of CBD and certain other medicines are often connected to the cannabidiol’s impact on the very same diseases the drug had been prescribed to heal in the first place – the dose reduction won’t necessarily not change the effectiveness of the treatment, as CBD will simply replace the medicine."

Buy CBD Oil for health purposes

In other words, when using CBD hemp oil against the symptoms of an ailment, it will alleviate said symptoms, but when used along with medicines to combat these symptoms, they will stop but the secondary effects of the medicine will be present still.

Have been found to be significantly aided by the use of CBD hemp oils, although as we have mentioned, the effects vary from person to person and the result of the endocannabinoid balance achieved by the CBD hemp oil in the body will be different from person to person.

Of course, CBD hemp oil is not a substitute for medical treatment and in any case, it is important to consult with a physician (not an online FAQ) when it comes to using cannabis oils or hemp tinctures along with prescription drugs.

It is very important to know precisely what components are in the cannabidiol oil. Once the hemp CBD oil has been extracted, it is important for it to be tested to know what concentration of cannabinoids are present in the tincture so that you can have an idea of the terpenes and terpenoids present so you can be sure that the product you're using is legal and safe for children, the elderly and pets, this means no hash oil for sale.

Which CBD oil is best, US or EU

There are immeasurable amounts of tinctures and hemp CBD oil for sale all around the Internet, which will affirm in their own right that they are the best or most effective cannabidiol oils. Although most of the hemp CBD oil for sale are produced in Europe, depending on where they are commercialized may undergo many different processes and sadly, they also provide half truths on their CBD hemp oils.

CBD hemp oil was subject of a recent investigation carried out in the United States that sought to find out if labels on CBD oils were accurate. Sadly, the results found that most of them were "overlabelled", meaning they were actually higher concentrations than those printed on the bottle.

According to this study; 

"As many as 43 percent of the products reported were underlabeled (contained higher content of cannabidiol than declared on the packaging), 26 percent were overlabelled, and only slightly more than 30 percent of the labels contained factual information (that is, the CBD content fell within the 10 percent margin of error allowed by the US Pharmacopoeia)."

If you're left asking yourself "where can I buy Cannabis oil?" the best answer we can give you is on our website. Here you will find the where to get cannabis oil or where to get hemp oil at the best prices shipped everywhere and with the appropriate concentrations to make it the best CBD oil UK, EU or even USA.