Many people who use CBD hemp oil find themselves wondering which CBD oil is best for pain. While this is a common question, there is only one kind of cannabidiol oil. This is not to say that you can't find it in different presentations. Although, the amount of CBD Oil to take is a different topic.

Although there is but one kind of CBD hemp oil, there are many different concentrations that range from 1% to 40% or even 50%, but the higher the concentration of CBD in the oil, the lower the amount of terpenes, terpenoids and other compounds that are found in lower concentration CBD weed oils that also help with other conditions.

This means that the lower the concentration of CBD in the hemp oil, the higher the proportion of other beneficial compounds that among other effects aid with pain management and muscle relaxation. Although the effects of CBD hemp oil are different per person, the number of terpenes proportional to the concentration of hemp CBD oil are usually higher when the concentration is lower.

CBD Oil And Hemproot Extract, An Effective Team Against Pain

For pain management though, there is also CBD balm that has hemp root extract in it which helps with deep muscle pain when used topically (on the skin) since the hemp CBD oils administered orally work in a more systemic way. We do however recommend using both CBD oil or tincture and the CBD hemp root balm to compliment the analgesic effect.