Many patients however, find themselves wondering what CBD oil is and how is that different to other kinds of cannabis oils available. In recent years, there has been a boom in Medical Marijuana and its extensive health properties including aiding with ailments like Cancer, Epilepsy, Anxiety and other issues.

When approaching the legality of cannabinoid oil, there is plenty of controversy around this topic. In order for it the marijuana oil to be legal in Europe it has to contain a maximum of 0.5% of illegal substances or less, although the sale of hash oil in the United States depends on the Marijuana policy enforced throughout the state. 

CBD And Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is not the same as weed oil or cannabidiol oil, this kind of oil is derived from Hemp seeds and has a minimum of CBD. On the other hand, pure cbd oil is extracted from marijuana or industrial hemp plants high in CBD and then this CBD tincture is mixed with hempseed or olive oil.

So if you were to ask what is CBD oil, the answer would be an oil that has been mixed with hempseed or olive oil to make it more palatable since its original flavor is quite strong and often described as "grassy", although our CBD cannabinol oil has a liquid consistency and a gentle flavor that is much lighter than others available on the market, without sacrificing its CBD content nor the terpenes and terpenoinds it contains.

There are many brands currently producing CBD oils and CBD extracts of different kinds. There are some made specifically to drink, while others are combined with E-Cigarette liquids in order to be vaped. There are crystals of pure CBD with 98.9% cbd extract and CBD-based dabs to smoke and finally, there are topical CBD hemp oils that can be mixed with hemproot extract for pain relief or be pure and concentrated hemp CBD oil.

CBD Oil, Health Supplement Not Medication

It is important to point out that cbd tinctures as well as cannabinoid oils are not medications. They do not cure Cancer or Epilepsy or any other ailments. CBD oil works on the endocannabinoid system present in human beings and many other mammals. The Endocannabinoid system helps the human body achieve homeostasis (balance) as well as assist the body in self- healing and prevention where required.

Thanks to the effect of the cannabis oil on the endocannabinoid system, the body can then react against ailments like cancer by destroying the cancer cells or help prevent epileptic attacks by working with the brain cells that may have been damaged and helping revert this in a natural way which otherwise would require all sorts of prescription opiate based drugs.

Cbd oil is legal to consume without a prescription in a few countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, Japan and the UK. Within these countries, there are ample networks of distributors and it is possible to find in pharmacies or health stores over the counter without the need for a medical prescription and in different presentations in Europe. In America meanwhile, states that have legal marijuana consumption do not have this limitation.

It is also possible to purchase the CBD oil online, although it is recommendable to investigate further into the effects of hemp oil CBD and other kinds of CBD tinctures. Due to federal legislation in the United States, it is not possible to produce Hemp oil, cbd oil or marijuana oil and it is therefore imported from Europe or China, then processed according to FDA regulation to then be able to sell. There are companies that test the cbd hemp oil extracts up to three times before bottling and then again before being sold to the consumer. 

While it is commendable that cbd oil brands are so interested in constantly testing their products, this constant action of movement and testing can lead to accelerated degradation and in worst case scenarios, contamination of the oil due to the strain of constantly testing cannabidiol oil in different locations. 

For CBD oil in Europe however, thanks to the availability of medical grade marijuana and the possibility to cultivate commercial hemp, CBD oil, cannabis oil and cbd extracts are made under the highest health and quality standards and their purity is one of the reasons that the terpene and other compounds in the cbd oil are much higher and better quality.

 Where does our CBD oil come from?

CBD hemp oil is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plants bred for their fibers, which has a content of under 0.2% per dry mass. This aspect along with the purity and quality of the extraction method allow for microbiologically pure cbd hemp oil that requires no further refinement.

The benefits of working together with hemp farmers and subsequently the laboratories extracting the oil with CO2 supercritical extraction allow for greener, more organic and sustainable production and extraction methods to give our cbd hemp oil the compounds it requires to be a more effective health supplement.

European CO2 Supercritical Extraction, The Purest Choice

The innovations of CO2 supercritical extractions allow our cbd hemp oils and tinctures to be environmentally friendly while maintaining its effectiveness, significantly reducing degradation or contamination in the cbd cannabis oils. This combined with the fact that the hemp is locally sourced also increases the quality of cbd oils and extracts since it requires significantly less handling before it is bottled.

CBD hemp oil has found controversial uses in cats and dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer or other degenerative ailments. Although using cbd oil is safe for humans, just like smoking cannabis, animals have different tolerances to cannabinoids, so for instance animals like cats and dogs could potentially die from being exposed to excessive amounts of marijuana smoke, they also need reduced amounts of CBD proportional to their weight and body size. 

Also thanks to the extraction method, our cbd oils are natural, the already low hemp fibers are further reduced to create a cbd hemp oil that is safe for children, elderly or adults to consume and legal where applicable.