You may be wondering what the main differences between CBD and THC are when faced with information regarding medical marijuana or the different uses that hemp oil has. In reality, when it comes to the compound on the plant, they are both derived from the Δ-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as Δ-9 THC. 

This compound contains both THC and CBD that are released in succession. First, the THC that has the psychoactive effect that makes marijuana such a popular recreational drug. On first glance, other than the anxiety, delirium of persecution and overall buzz that THC causes, it also has been attributed cancer cell killing properties, which are beneficial since the next "best" treatment for cancer (best because it is preferred by oncologists, not because its effects are more beneficial) is chemotherapy, which kills all cells, not just the malignant ones. 

Cannabidiol, Also Known As CBD... Tetrahydrocannabidiol also known as THC

Then comes CBD, or cannabidiol which is not psychoactive in any way, although as part of the Δ-9 is released to inhibit the effects of THC, leading to the quintessential "mellow" feeling that overtakes the body at the same time as the munchies kick in. This sensation isolated is kind of the effects of how CBD hemp oil works on the body, some relaxation and focus as well as plenty of munchies.

By now you may be wondering how CBD oil is possible since in Δ-9 THC and CBD compliment each other and balance out each other's effects. In reality thanks to the oil being produced from hemp cannabis that has trace amounts of THC along with the extraction methods that further reduce the concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol while concentrating the already prevalent cannabidiol proportions. 

This results in a pure and natural CBD hemp oil that is both ecological and green as it is safe, natural and legal.