When it comes to issues like how much CBD oil to use, there are no answers set in stone, however, the CBD hemp oil dosages are relative to the concentration of Cannabidiol in the oil. When you have higher percentage CBD hemp oil then the dosage is lower, just like when you have a lower percentage oil, the dosage would be higher.

The suggested way to begin using CBD hemp oil is to take between 6-8 drops up to three times a day. The first time use is also suggested at night, this way the CBD hemp oil can jumpstart the endocannabinoid system while the person is sleeping, since it may be risky if cannabidiol oil is consumed for the first time before driving or operating heavy machinery.

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CBD Oil, Drunk or Smoked 

Often the best way to consume CBD hemp oil is with sub-lingual drops that will be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream in a better and more efficient way than drinking the CBD cannabis oil since it does not have to go through the whole digestive tract to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Remember that as a rule of thumb when consuming CBD hemp oil you should have a lower dosage if you are using a higher concentration. people usually begin taking 6-8 drops up to three times a day in the beginning and then increase the dosage and frequency of consumption.

Once the person has become used to using CBD hemp oil then the dosage can be increased or decreased based on personal needs. It is important for us to also mention that before using cannabis CBD oil for any particular ailments like epilepsy or cancer to make sure they consult with their physician before ending any prescribed treatments.

Some extra advice on CBD Oil

When taking CBD hemp oil it is also important to know that people who have smoked marijuana before or are current smokers will be more likely to experience the effects of cannabidiol oil faster. Although this does not mean that non-smokers will not experience it, the effects will just be delayed while the endocannabinoid system gets used to this stimuli.

Our CBD hemp oil is the best for many ailments but its overall recommended use is as a health supplement, the effects of CBD oil vary from person to person but the benefits of a balanced endocannabinoid system are both physical and psychological as the endocannabinoid system works both in the brain and the lymphatic nodes located in different parts of the body.

CBD hemp oil has found controversial uses in cats and dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer or other degenerative ailments. Although using CBD oil is safe for humans, just like smoking cannabis, animals have different tolerances to cannabinoids, so for instance animals like cats and dogs could potentially die from being exposed to excessive amounts of marijuana smoke, they also need reduced amounts of CBD proportional to their weight and body size.

Of course, CBD hemp oil is not a substitute for medical treatment and in any case, it is important to consult with a physician (not an online FAQ) when it comes to using cannabis oils or hemp tinctures along with prescription drugs.