After asking yourself how much CBD oil to give my cat or dog, don't worry because you're not alone. The issue of dosages on pets with hemp CBD oil is currently filling up FAQ's and discussion boards alike, there is no established amount of cannabidiol oil drops required for any given effect. It is also important to note that the effect of the hemp CBD oil will vary according to the size of the animal.

Although we carry plenty of percentages, the lowest concentrations (1%,2.5%, 3%) are the best for dogs since they have a lower concentration and a proper amount of terpenes and terpenoids. At this moment we do not sell CBD oil suitable for cats and we do not encourage the use of any of our full spectrum oils on cats. Cats do not have the necessary enzymes in their liver to digest terpenoids and so they accumulate in the cat's liver and eventually pose a health risk. Although there is no immediate toxicity or adverse effect on the cat, we do not suggest you use it for the sake of avoiding a future ailment in the cat.

Because the effect of Cannabidiol oil is different in smaller animals than in humans, we recommend you consult a holistic veterinarian for an exact dosage for your dog or cat and then consider buying CBD extracts, however we recommend that you begin with 4-6 a day (usually begin in the evening and depending on how your dog or cat feels and reacts to cannabidiol tincture or  you can administer dosages during the day) and from there work the dosage up to perhaps 6-8 drops.

CBD Oil and Cats... Or Dogs

There are many different concentrations of CBD hemp oil available, so the dosage will not always be the same, it is also important to know that the size of the dog is important to take into consideration, the smaller the animal, the lower the dosage of hemp CBD oil.

When it comes to dosages of cannabidiol oil, the higher the concentration, the lower the dosage should be. This means that if you have CBD hemp oil drops with a high percentage, you will have to take fewer drops than if you had the cannabis oil with a lower percentage. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian or doctor before giving CBD Oil to your dog.

CBD and Cats, the Terpene Issue

We have stated that CBD oil is perfectly healthy to use on animals, cats and dogs included, although cats lack a liver enzyme named Glucuronyl Transferase. Because of this, terpenes remain in the cat's body much longer and could end up accumulating then cause long-term health issues in your cat. 

To avoid this, you can substitute full spectrum CBD oil for pure hemp CBD oil.

As with other advice on health supplements, your holistic veterinarian should determine the dosage of CBD extract if you want to use hemp CBD oil to substitute other treatments.