If you were wondering how much CBD oil to take for sleep, don't worry because you're not alone. The issue of dosages with hemp CBD oil is currently filling up FAQ's and discussion boards alike, there is no established amount of cannabidiol oil drops required for any given effect especially when it comes to aiding in conditions like sleep.

Thanks to Cannabidiol oil's status of nutritional supplement, there isn't an exact dosage set in stone, however we recommend that you begin with 6-8 drops of hemp CBD oil up to three times a day (usually begin in the evening and depending on how you feel in the morning you can take it during the day) and from there work the dosage up to perhaps 10-12 drops of cannabidiol oil depending on the concentration, although a great percentage to start would be 5%, although if you are looking for something stronger, you can use our Cibiday 20% CBD Oil.

CBD Oil to battle insomnia and trouble with sleeping

Insomnia or other problems that people can have can be very blocking for a person. Imagine having a job interview, a court case or just a normal (but important) day at work while catching nearly no sleep at all in the previous night. Sleeping problems can occur randomly, and all sleeping problems can have different reasons. Sometimes it can be a result of stress or emotional problems while sometimes the reason for not being able to sleep is not pinpointable at all. Nevertheless, taking CBD oil to increase the chances of having a good night sleep has already proved itself through many personal experiences of people using CBD oil to sleep. 

You can also try and improve the relaxing effects of CBD by taking CBD infused teas or other edibles about half an hour prior to sleeping. This way the relaxing effecgs of CBD together with a lovely cup of tea will improve the likeliness of a great night sleep.

Concentrate On CBD Oil

There are many different concentrations of CBD hemp oil available, so the dosage will not always be the same. As a rule of thumb for dosages of cannabidiol oil, the higher the concentration, the lower the dose. This means that if you have CBD hemp oil drops with a high percentage, you will have to take fewer drops than if you had the cannabis oil with a lower percentage.

As with other advice on health supplements, your physician should also advise how much to take if you want to use CBD extract to substitute other treatments. Once that is sorted, however, you should get as many bottles of hemp CBD oil as you can.