As we have mentioned in our prior FAQ posts on dosages, the amount of CBD to be consumed is an individual choice and is decided after using CBD oil frequently and assessing the personal effects on the system, although the general consensus is that with higher percentages of CBD oil the dosage is usually lower as the effects are more concentrated.

When faced with the question of how much CBD oil I should use for sleep, the answer depends on what percentage of CBD Oil I am using. For lower concentrations (no more than 10%) between 4 and 6 drops a few hours before bed is ideal, from there on, the more concentration, the lower the dosages, so, for example, any concentration between 20% and 30% would only require one drop of oil per dose.

Does CBD actually induce sleep?

Although CBD oil does not really induce sleep, there are functions of the endocannabinoid system that regulate bodily functions, specifically the release of anandamide which motivates the body to seek sleep and interestingly enough, cannabinoids mimic the functions of this substance in the brain.

Many sources claim that there is no substantial evidence backing cannabis use to assist in sleeping, but there is plenty of evidence that suggests that cannabinoids assist in balancing other aspects that lead to sleep deprivation like pre-existing conditions of anxiety and stress which can have an important influence in not getting that deep sleep that we so desperately need for normal functions and regenerative functions in the brain.

CBD and the brain, it's all about balance

Studies show that CBD activates 5-HT1A in the brain, which help stimulate serotonin receptors that control anxiety, depression and overall mood. This helps a lot when dealing with insomnia since some cases are caused by an altered mood which is keeping the person from relaxing and falling asleep, although some cases may be as severe as PTSD, which require professional medical attention in order to have an accurate dosage and use regimen. 

We do recommend however to seek medical advice when dealing with severe emotional distress or serious ailments and if you are taking another treatment at the same time as using CBD oil or another form of cannabinoids.