Many people often wonder how Cannabinoids and more specifically THC and CBD influence in the human sleep cycle. Although there has been some success in the use of cannabinoids to assist with sleep issues, the positive effects of cannabis and the stimulation of the endocannabinoid system in connection to the release of melotonin (the sleep chemical) help induce sleep and have a direct correlation.

It has been proven that marihuana use helps reduce the REM cycle, which infamously reduces the capacity to dream but increases the deep sleep cycles which subsequently help rejuvenate the body and relax the mind, although everything in excess is bad for you.

What exactly is keeping you from sleeping?

There can be many causes attributed to insomnia or problems sleeping, which can range from stress, anxiety or be as serious as PTSD. Although there are no components in CBD that are somnolent, the balance of the Endocannabinoid system that CBD aids achieving can in turn have great effects on Anxiety and Stress that cause mild insomnia and help relax the symptoms of PTSD among CBD users.

It is also important to stress that while CBD oil has been found to have positive effects with these ailments, it is highly recommended to seek medical attention if the symptoms become worse or are not affected whatsoever by the use of CBD oils or any other form of intake of CBD.

Biological Clock out of tune

There are certain cases in which problems sleeping are directly caused by an altered circadian rhythm like people who work night shifts or have irregular sleeping patterns and CBD has been proven to help in such cases by fomenting a natural balance through the Endocannabinoid system, although it is highly dependant on the person complimenting the CBD oil together with better sleeping patterns or more attention to sleep hygiene.

It may sound strange at first, but sleep hygiene has nothing to do with actual hygiene but is more about the individual rituals and habits each person has before going to sleep. It is important to remember that humans are creatures of habit and the more sleep rituals that are involved and successfully executed, the more successful achieving a better, deeper and more regenerating sleep will be.

In such cases, we also recommend the use of higher concentration CBD oils such as our Cibiday 20% oil