You may be wondering how CBD oil feels and we would like to assure you that you're not alone. Many people are curious to know if hemp CBD oil causes a high like medical marijuana or if it interferes with other activities like driving or operating heavy machinery.

The reality is that once the person has grown used to cannabidiol oil treatments, the sum of the effects is a great sensation of wellbeing, a large appetite and in some cases a sensation of laziness that could very well be compared to the couchlock effect of smoking a strong kush.

After the first few trials uses of CBD oil, the body, and endocannabinoid system will then adjust to the dosage and the physical effects, while present will not be as notable. When it comes to smoking cannabis and using CBD hemp oil, the effect is quite different. 

After finding out how CBD oil helps, it is important to consult your physician before substituting any medical treatments with hemp CBD oil.