If you were wondering how CBD oil cures, you might be in for a shock when you discover that it actually does not. It will, however, help with the symptoms caused by treatments. Usually, relief with CBD hemp oil would come in the form of inducing appetite, inhibiting nausea and perhaps assist with chronic pain, depending on the person.

There is a theory about CBD oil known as the “Entourage effect” where using and CBD combined with all the other molecules and terpenes naturally occurring in cannabis has proven better health effects, especially in patients with cancer and epilepsy

Usually, CBD cannabis oil is administered together with oil in what is known as the Rick Simpson Oil or RSO and this works based on the "Entourage effect". Although it has not been tested conclusively, this is the only way that cannabis oil can help treat ailments.

Sadly there is plenty of information circulating that hints at CBD extract, CBD tincture or CBD hemp oil will help treat cancer like a form of miracle cure, but it is not the same effect from CBD individually.